Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

How Woke Won - Joanna Williams Explains

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On this episode, Rob chats with Joanna Williams, author and former academic now running her platform Cieo, delve into the catastrophic impacts of wokism on society. Joanna defines wokism and discusses how it has prevailed, emphasising the widespread emphasis on victimhood in our culture. She addresses the core issue, asserting that the focus of woke anti-racism is on 'structural' racism ingrained in laws, policies, systems, and institutions. This phenomenon has permeated various aspects of Western society, from education and workplaces to sports, politics, and justice administration. Joanna highlights the defenders of wokism who claim to protect vulnerable freedoms but argues that opponents must recognize this and brace for a prolonged battle to reverse its influence. She underscores the and emphasises the need to vigorously safeguard our liberties against the pervasive influence of wokism. #woke #auspol

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